Yacht Design

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Greater Safety

 on Board

Safety on board (and during the programmed activities) is always our highest concern. We have therefore obtained the International Safety Management Certificate of the International Marine Organisation (IMO), carry proper security equipment, and put board regulations and safety instructions.


Scheduled maintenance and regular checks keeps our yacht in safe conditions.

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Our cosy accommodation


All eight twin cabins are located within both hulls of the catamaran and have a private bathroom (hot/cold water, hand shower and toilet), privately controlled air conditioning, as well as a fan. The cabins are extremely stable because they are located at sea level, and the width of the catamaran prevents rolling.  Smart interior designers have made intelligent use of the limited amount of space.

Fast and most ecological yacht cruising the Galapagos


Nemo I is not only the fastest sailing catamaran, but also the most ecological yacht cruising the islands. In comparison to 16 passengers yachts, this sailing catamaran consumes just about a third of the fuel (for propelling and for the 12V electric circuits on-board). Both connected hulls provide more stability, and greatly prevent rolling of the yacht; and, its extremely stable cabins are located at sea level.

Catamaran nets & sun deck, alfresco dining terrace & lounge


The communal areas are the centre of daily life aboard Nemo I. The smaller terrace and the catamaran nets have cushions for sunbathing. The shaded outside terrace has cosy, horseshoe-shaped seating around two tables for sheltered and romantic ‘al fresco dining’. The terrace on the sun deck has a great panoramic view and is furnished with a large sofa and coffee tables. The  lounge windows let in a flood of natural daylight, complete with a bar, lounge tables, TV, DVD-player and a small library.

Technical Specifications

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