Cruise Experience

Close encounters with unique and spectacular wildlife


Enjoy amazing and unexpected encounters with the unique Galapagos wildlife. Meet different types of animals that will open your eyes to species you have never seen before and will never see again!

Leisure time in an inviting private ambience


Unlike massive cruise ships that navigate the seven seas and large vessels in Galapagos, our catamarans like to run on a small scale, whilst still including everything you need to have a pleasant and unforgettable stay.

A perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts


Our catamaran is highly suitable for water sports enthusiasts who want to combine the unforgettable wildlife encounters with a more adventurous ambience and a sense of freedom and peace. Passengers with active sailing experience can help raise the sails, stand at the helm and perhaps even navigate.

A yacht may be comfortably designed and furbished, but finally its operating staff makes the difference for your most pleasant stay on board, in terms of safety, care and maintenance.

Our welcoming staff members are understanding, helpful and dedicated to attend your requests promptly, which is possible thanks to our superb passenger-crew rate of 16:11 (including naturalist guide). All are Ecuadorian and speak mostly Spanish, but both your naturalist guide and the barman know English as well.

Crew Members


Our staff consists of six experienced, trained and IMO-certified crew-members and one National Park-certified multilingual naturalist guide. Though all of them have their specific tasks, each may attend to you, or help in the household aboard.


It is hard work, but our crew are always smiling. To keep our staff motivated and to keep safety, service and quality levels high, our crews work in 6 week stints, before being replaced by a fresh team.

About the Yacht

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